Collector's Information

Over the years we put together a number of articles on a variety of subjects for the beginning and intermediate collector. More will be added as we find the time. We hope that you find them useful.

We are converting our information pages to the new format. Until we finish the job (and it may take a while), you will see some pages in the old format and some in the new. - KEB

First though, if you are an ancient coin collector, we highly recommended that you consider a subscription to The Celator magazine for ancient coins and antiquitues. It is a monthly magazine loaded with facts and information for beginning and advanced collectors. For more information visit their web site. When you contact them, be sure to ask for a free trial issue.

General Numismatics

Getting Started
Books for Beginners

Recommended Booksellers.
Online and can find it

An Interview With David R. Sear



Hoards, An Overview
The Gold Hoard of Trier

Mark Antony And His Legions
History and Coinage.

Clades Varianus
The Varus Disaster

Philip I and His Coins
The 1,000th Anniversary of Rome

Silver Coins of the Roman Republic
The Triumviri Monetales

Who, What And When ?
Who's Who Of The Roman Empire

Great Caesars Ghost.
Mythology And Personification


Ancient Coins

Where Did It All Start?
A Look At The Origins of Greek Coinage

By Their Names, You Shall Know Them.
Names As They Appear On Roman Coinage.

Title, Title, Who's Got The Title.
Deciphering Roman Coin Inscriptions.

I Know Its Trying To Tell Me Something.
Common Roman Reverse Inscriptions

Tongue Twisters.
Roman And Greek Pronunciation Guide.

Mints And Their Marks.
Mint Marks On Late Roman Bronzes.

Collecting Roman Provincial Coins
Greek Imperial/Roman Provincial or Colonial?

Medieval Coins

They Say The Sun Never Sets.
A Brief History Of British Coinage

An Interesting Family Tree.
Sketch Of The British Monarchs

Collecting Medieval Coins.
An Overview



Help! My Coins Have A Fungus!!
The Dreaded Bronze Disease.

Cleaning Ancient Coins
Suggestions For Cleaning Uncleaned Coins


Copies, Fakes and Counterfeits

Ancient Counterfeits
and Counterfeiters

Modern Counterfeits
and Counterfeiters

Fake or Real?
Some Questionable Coins.

Gallery Of Modern Replicas
Our Black Museum.