Moneta-L Discussion Group FAQ

Moneta-L is a free discussion list dedicated to the joys of ancient coin collecting. The period covered extends from the earliest coinage through the medieval period. Topics may include your collection, news and events, want lists, requests for advice and attribution. Basically anything to do with ancient and medieval coins.

Lively discussions are encouraged but extended flames and abusive language are not. Please remember that this list is not for adults only and that children (Young Numismatists or YNs) may be lurking.

Your moderators are Robert Kokotailo, Dave Garstang, Thom Bray and Kevin Barry.

To contact the moderators directly send an email to:

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Please Note!

The Yahoogroups server automatically removes attachments of any kind. This is a safety measure to ensure that the emails that you receive from the list are virus free. It also makes it impossible to send images or files to the list. You can post images and files to the Group files section instead.

Also, the reply-to default for the list is to the sender only. If you want to reply to a message and have it go to the group at large, you will have to either use a 'reply to all option' or add to the email address list in your message.

List Use and Rules.

Almost anything as long as it is related to ancient and medieval coinage or history. A few examples (but not limited to) of topics might include;

   * Attribution help.
   * Technical tidbits and advice.
   * History as it relates to coins.
   * Web site update notifications, not related to sales.
   * Personal anecdotes about your collecting passions.
   * Advice about buying and selling.
   * Information on upcoming coins shows and coin club meetings.
   * Good dealer anecdotes. (We believe that good dealers should be rewarded with good press.)
   * Ancient history in general.

What is NOT allowed?

   * Political commentaries or diatribes.
   * Profane or abusive language, personal attacks against Listmembers.
   * Extended flame wars.

Sales Announcements.

Limited commercial postings are allowed with the following restrictions;

   * Sellers may send a maximum of 1 (one) sales related announcement to the list per month
   * Sales announcements must have a '$$' prefix in the subject line
   * Sales announcements are restricted to updates to websites, stores, new dealers sites, etc,
   * Links to specific items for sale are not allowed.

Announcements for sales on eBay and similar venues are not allowed. Sorry folks. We encourage eBay sellers to use our sister list, The Ancient Coin Market (ACM), which has a more focused audience. Like Moneta, ACM is a free service. See the ACM website for more information.

Moderation and Expulsion.

The moderators reserve the right to place users under moderation (which means your message will have to be approved by a moderator before it will appear on the list) or in cases of extreme abuse to expel users, permanently or temporarily.

For example, in the case of a flame war a temporary moderation may be in order to allow the participants time to cool off. On the other hand, profane or abusive language will be grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the list.

We expect the members of Moneta to act as responsible citizens towards the list and each other. The moderators reserve the right to exercise their judgment in dealing with problems.

Getting the most out of the list.

Get involved! A list is only as good as the member contributions. Do not be afraid to post messages or ask questions. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question.

Spread the word around. The more members we have, the better the discussions will be.

Get involved! Whoops...I said that already didn't I. It is worth repeating though.

Subscribing, unsubscribing and options.

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Disclaimer (and things that go bump in the night).

The list owner and moderators of Moneta-L do not warrant the contents of messages included in the list. All users are urged to exercise the same caution as you would approaching anything available on the Internet. Parents are strongly urged to monitor their children's usage.

List users are reminded that they must sign their name to all posts, and that they are responsible for their words. The opinions expressed on this list are not necessarily those of the list moderators. (Hopefully this will keep the lawyers happy.)