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We offer a selection of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Judean coins suitable for all budgets. Our coins are unconditionally guaranteed for authenticity and value. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a special coin or see something that you like on our lists.


All of our coins are guaranteed authentic and as described. We offer a minimum of 14 days for returns on all of our attributed coins. We also have a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on all of our coins.


   Greek (Europe)
   Greek (Asia)
   Greek (Kingdoms and Empires)
   Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent

   Roman Republic
   Roman Imperial
   Roman Provincial (Autonomous to Julia Domna)
   Roman Provincial (Caracalla to Treb. Gallus)

Medieval and Later

US Colonial

Odds n' Ends

Bargain Bin
   Bargain Bin (Greek)
   Bargain Bin (Roman)
   Bargain Bin (Roman Provincial)


Our online auction site of choice is eBay and we do offer small groups of coins frequently. You can bid with confidence because our feedback is over 900 (over 600 unique buyers) and all of it is positive. Click on the eBay link to view all of our auctions.

Auction: eBay
ID: Tiberius
Feedback: To view, click here


We accept consignments for both our regular and quick sales. If you have decided to change direction in your collection or have duplicates that you want to sell, please contact us for details on selling through us.

Compressore Coins

Our German partner, Compressore Coins, features an impressive array of cons and artifacts. Some of which are rarely seen in the US market. If you find something that you like and are uneasy about ordering overseas, we can make the arrangements for you.

Click on the banner below and pay them a visit. You will be glad you did.

Ancient Coin Market (ACM)

All of our public sales and eBay offerings are advertised on the ACM (Ancient Coin Market) email list. It is easy to join and, best of all, free. Over 1,000 dealers and collectors belong to ACM. To see what is new and for sale, click on the link below:

Love Ancients?
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The ACM!

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